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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

FLASH SALE!! Handmade girls clothing using designer quilting fabric by ME!

I have many loves, one of which is sewing.  Nothing gave me more joy than sewing for my little nuggets.  It was so therapeutic for me when they were small because it was a very quick, tangible result in a time when there weren't many tangible results while raising  small children...those results we reap later...or at least I hope...know what I'm saying??

But all those cliches are true..." cherish every  moment" ..."it goes by in a blink"...and so on and so on...

Kai is now 8 and Jet is 6.  Kai loves nothing more than dressing herself in clothes that I did not make...=)  It bums me a little but there are so many things in the next 10 years I am going to have to say No to that forcing her to wear clothes that I've made for her is just not worth the battle... When I'm honest, I have put a lot of identity in the way my kids dress because it reflects me..or so I think....I know its all right to put your kids in cute clothes if you want but when it becomes an idol or an identity issue then maybe it's worth taking a step back and focusing on the more important things in their their heart....a novel idea. =)  I may just have to deal with not getting props for the clothes Kai is wearing, start making her the clothes and blankets for her insanely small stuffed animals she asks for 5 minutes before we need to walk out the door...and focus more on the kind of human being she is becoming.  =)

 Kai is unbelievably creative...whimsical...loving...loyal...a little girl of few words most of the time....but when she's on she's on...I look forward to continuing this journey with her as she evolves into the person she was created to be...what a privilege...(and the awesome outfits she comes up with as she dresses herself.) ... =)) ...and lets be honest...she's 8...not 5...I can stop dressing her like Raggedy Ann.

Rabbit trails....sorry.  What I'm saying is I'm giving Kai freedom to dress herself...and that means liquidating some of her least favorite pieces taking up space in her closet.

Each piece is handmade by me.  I use designer quilting fabrics.... they will all fit a big 4T - some 7 and 8's. Kai is tall for her age so most pants come to about mid calf on her...She has seriously worn each piece 3X at the most...and a few not at all!  The prices below the picture include shipping within the United States.  Message me on Facebook to exchange paypal accounts as well as shipping address. I will sell it to the first person to respond to me with their paypal account... Please allow 2 weeks for shipment once payment is received...I'm out October 17th - 28th.  Feel free to share this post with anyone you think may like this style for their little girl... Thanks!!

100% Sincere and not on my Sarcastic "A" game today,

Red Apron Dress with White Ruffled Pants 4T - 7T

Red Apron Dress 

Purple/Magenta Apron dress 5T-8

Purple/Magenta Apron Dress 

Upcycled t-shirt dress with pom pom detail on apron
Never worn...5T-8

Upcycled t-shirt dress with pom pom detail

Fully lined "Circus"  Dress  5T- 8


"Circus" Dress

Coral accented Apron Dress 4T-7

Coral accented Apron Dress

Coral accented Apron Dress

Hello Kitty upcycled Patagonia t-shirt dress
5T - 8

Hello Kitty upcycled Patagonia t-shirt dress

Velvet tunic with matching pants 5T -8
 never worn...FYI: these pants are long

Velvet tunic with matching pants

Purple Cotton Jumper 4T - 6

Purple Cotton Jumper
Back view

Monday, August 19, 2013

The First Day Jitters and Convulsions...

Many Moms and Dads have gone before me but today I went where I thought no one had gone before...
The first day of Kindergarten and 1st grade...
 Nothing could have prepared me for the emotions I experienced today.  I gravely underestimated my response to this transition...

1at Day of School at Khabele...

Kai was nervous and a little bit excited.  Jet was very excited and 1% nervous...more because he cant wipe his own bottom.  Haydn and I left them after 30 minutes of families hanging out on the playground and kids getting to hangout...which was such a wonderful opportunity for the kids to get some nerves played out and the parents to scope the perameters to make sure no weirdos were lurking in the forest nearby...seriously was great to start developing a relationship with our children's friends/classmates/families.

Swinging.  A place Kai returns to time and time again...brings out the best in her!

Jet jumping...a great way to start the day...

The parent leave bell went off...Kai teared up...and then Mommy couldn't talk.  Her amazingly intuitive guide (teacher) saw my face and Kai's and gently grabbed her hand and led her to the art easel...Kai's happy place. I walked away with tears rolling down my cheeks.  Jet was with Haydn...holding onto the leg a bit but more because he just doesn't like to be pushed, challenged or asked to get out of bed...(he takes after his mommy).  So he was fine.  Daddy was fine.  Kai was scared. Mommy was a hot mess.  Haydn met me at the car as I was crying uncontrollably...He laughed.  ( I forgave him)  We talked on the way home...He prayed over our children and us.  I calmed down a little and loved him a little more.

The thing is there is no doubt in my mind that Khabele Montessori isn't the perfect place for my children this year...I know without question it was clear this was the path for our family for now...I just had no freaking idea how hard this "letting go" and entrusting your children into the hands of another would be...

I know they are amazing, hilarious, kind, creative, smart and compassionate children, but will others?  What if they are scared? What if their feelings get hurt , because I know they will, and no one is there to comfort them? What if they go poop and there arms aren't long enough to effectively get it all off and there is a lingering stench the rest of the day?? ( guaranteed) All the what ifs...because they are there and they happen all the's just too much to take on...Faith, trust, hope, bravery, kindness, compassion, serving and loving...all those things you have taught them up until now...and continue to...hoping they will remember ... and you just let them go....feeling you have abandoned them forever...whew! Heavy stuff...

(Today also happens to be mine and Haydn's 13th wedding we had a very hot and steamy lunch date at Elizabeth Street Cafe... Pho real !)

August 19th, 2000. The day I love this guy the least and the least amount I have ever weighed...

Back to the first day of school...I worried. WAYYYYYYYY too much. We are the first people in the Circle Drive anxiously awaiting our little people to come out...wondering  how the day went...Did they love it? Did they hate it? Were people nice to them? Did they need to go poop? Did a stranger on the playground offer them candy or all the free legos they could want if they just followed them? Did they make a friend? All those things we as parents think about....=)  Jet comes out first and greets us with a big smile...He had a great day filled with lots of stories ( tall tales/fabrications/lies) about Smore's, the class hamster.  He pointed to the 10 other kids in pick-up line and said..."yeah, they are all my friends"..." I made a lot of friends.." ...(and he didn't need to go #2.)  Whew. One down one to go.  Kai came out next looking totally fine.  She hadn't been beat up, shoved in a cubby, stripped of her clothes or given a swirly...all was intact.  She got in the car and as Haydn was buckling her up ... ( yes, we still help buckle them up, judge us silently please )...he asked her if she liked it... Kai said, " I loved it Daddy!".... VICTORY! Those words eased my weary soul.. Oh! ...and the whole trust, faith, bravery thing I teach the kids and maybe the cliche that when you let them go they soar or something...there may be some truth to that...maybe...

They LOVED it!! My worry was in vain... Then I cried tears of Joy all the way to LICK!

LICK ya'll!
Very Sincere,

Monday, October 29, 2012

Getting ( a Rocky Mountain ) High with Friends.


Wow. I just looked at my last blog post and it was November 8, 2011. My blog is so good it is tri-annual. Ha! Nope. Thats a lie. Im really bad at starting something and not finishing it...but heres to change! 

The Navarro Family
I have quite a bit to catch up on...but rather bore people with that, Im just going to hit the highlights and bore you with of which was our road trip to colorado this summer with some of our best friends...Nate and Melissa Navarro. Good times had by all. They are moving to Temple, Texas in a few months. (insert sad face, tears, convulsions and shaking) Truly , truly I am so proud, excited, anxious and eager to see what is in store for this family.  They are a good one. Listening to God's call in their lives and actually following through...what???!!! I feel like my calls from God are usually either muted or there is a terrible connection...the Navarro's are legit, great reception.  Alas, I think if we can drive 18 hours in a two cars with a teenager , two 6 yr olds, one 5 yr old, one 3 yr old , one 9 month old baby and a dog, we can manage 50 minute temple/austin commute (so they say) to see each other. 

Night out in Sante Fe at Tomasita's

Lake City, Colorado was the destination...a small fly fishing community nestled in the mountains...away from anything inexpensive, say gas or a gallon of milk...but gorgeous none the less. My husband grew up going there as a child with his family and has continued that tradition with ours...and hopefully we have passed it on to one more family to continue in theirs. There truly is nothing more peaceful than beautiful mountains and streams to wake up to in the mornings...and it helps that the thermometer reads 45 degrees vs 102.  Our road trip consisted of a night in Lubbock at a very swanky hotel...oops, spell check, i meant skanky. We then proceeded to Sante Fe which was wonderful.  Great dinner in town at a local restaurant, margaritas, laughing, toasting, high fives...then 6:00 pm hit. The walls came crashing down and the kids had to go to bed...night night. Breakfast was at the French Pastry Shoppe. This is truly where "vacation Haydn" was coined.  Vacation Haydn is a man who doesn't wear a watch, asks, "what's a smart phone?..I don't want one!", and orders crepe after pastry after frog shaped french bread after another pastry to go.  Vacation Haydn, vacation could hear it chanted through the town square if you were listening closely and had your phone on vibrate. ok ok, Sante Fe was great...enough of that. 

The French Pastry Shop , Jet carb loading and the birth of Vacation Haydn

Lake City, Colorado. Boom. We are there...well, really not boom. After 9 hours from New Mexico we are there...Nate had to stop to go to the bathroom like every 10 minutes.  We check into Vicker's Dude ranch...get our cabins...The Navarro's cabin is nestled in the trees and facing the stream with no road or power lines in site. Our was in walking distance to theirs!

Vicker's Dude Ranch

The Schwedland's little cabin intertwined in power lines and traffic

My morning coffee...not bad, not bad at all.

Facebooking about how beautiful it good to get away.

Soooo fast forward or rewind from that day on...we get up, drink coffee, watch kids play,facebook about how gorgeous it is and how much fun we are having, Haydn fishes, we see some family that is there, Nate goes to Packers, instagram the beautiful pictures we took that morning, Nate grills, we eat their food, Betsy throws rocks at peoples heads, Kai leaves Jet out,check facebook to see who liked our pictures,Ava sings "call me maybe" 10 times in a row, mary jones is perfect, our dog sweetie pie poops in the Navarro's cabin, Nate steps in it , he blames it on Ava, Melissa showers and puts on make-up, I don't, Jess puts on one of her 11 different pairs of TOMS with something cute that i think to myself i want to copy then remember she is 13 and I am 37, everyone younger than 8 goes to bed. We stay up and talk over wine. The best. Go to Durango, see Andy Braner at Camp Kivu, convince Jess that is really is a cool place to go, celebrate Kai's 7th birthday.... then we drive home. Not the best. All good things must come to an least for 18 hours.

Haydn eating Nate's food
Beautiful Jess

Jet in Heaven
Kai is 7!

Kai's 7th Birthday

Wrecking Crew

All friendships need a good takes you to the next level. A level you love or hate. Thankfully, we love it. We will do it again, but this time Nate may fly. 

Lake City 2013


I love this quote:
" Each friend represents a world in us, a world not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born," - Anais Nin

I love all my friends and the friendships that are continuing to develop...they truly do birth a new life of experiences, growth, compassion and understanding.  I am so grateful for that.  These particular friends are just on my heart right now because of their upcoming move...

mother and daughter

I'm considering adoption

insert sigh



Austin Sierra Club

Cutest Bear cub on the planet

my offspring

Vicker's Ranch in the morning

My morning explorers

the perfect start to Haydn's day

father and son

my sunshine at night

big poppa


you wake her you take her
Nate couldn't find a bathroom

The LaGroan Family + us.  They are the reason any of us know about Lake City...Thanks!

gone fishin'

Stay tuned for my next post...hopefully sooner than November of 2013...on my amazing trip to Africa with Raven + Lily!!

Half sincere/half sarcastic,